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45,00  incl. VAT tax

Necklace plated with 24 carat gold in a glamorous aluminum package.



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high quality

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Necklace plated with 24 carat gold in a glamorous aluminum package.

[/col] [col span=”4″] Testosterone. Self-confidence, no weaknesses, strength of a character and body. Desire to be better each single day. This is how testosterone works. It`s a hormone, the level of which distinguishes the real men from a boy. It leads us to the fusion of hedonistic approach to life and desire to perfection. You are holding a symbol of what you wish and what you strive to through the whole life, a symbol of Yourself. Take it everywhere and let it always be a part of you to remember about the one who owns it. Be proud and walk through your life glowing with the pride. The world is yours. Let’s create a style together. [/col] [col span=”2″] [/col] [/row] [/section]

Additional information

length of pendant

7,5 cm

width of pendant

2,5 cm


steel (pendant), aluminum (box)


black, gold


7 g (pendant & strap), 300 g (box)

The length of the strap

60 cm

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